NAS 110 Recovey

Recovery of NAS 110 Data

Hard disk broke down complaining of overheating.

Could not access it using the NAS 110.

Moved the SATA drive to my computer.

Booted computer using Ubuntu on a CD because the drive is formatted with Linux.

Linux did not mount the drive automatically.

Btw. I am running Win 8. Linux would not access my Hard drive complaining that is was in hibernate state. It was not, but Windows has a feature used for quick start where it saves in a way creating This problem. This can be disabled.

To mount the Linux drive I had to do the following:
1- Create folder called nas in media
2- Start Terminal, so below commands could be run
3- sudo mdadm –assemble –run /dev/md0 /dev/sdb4 (where sdb4 is the name of the partition on the hard drive. Visible in Disk Utility)
4- sudo mount /dev/md0 /media/nas

Then I could access the drive and copy the files.